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Typical storage options

Our smallest unit store upto 40 large boxes.

  • 2 bedroomed property: 2-3 units
  • 3 bedroomed property: 3-5 units.
  • 4 bedroomed property: 6-8 units.

There is no limit to how much space we can provide for a domestic move. It includes free liability cover available , the amount can be increased for valuable items.

Removals Service

We are a removals to store specialist with very experienced staff and specially constructed removal vehicles which bring the units to your door the staff then load the units, once loaded the units are sealed and only opened on your instruction.

For longer term storage we offer discounts such as free removal to store.

Our rates for shorter term storage are very competetive.


We have a large warehouse we will always have space available. We have staff on standby for short notice removals to store.

Prompt quotation

  • We can give you a same day quotation over the phone.
  • We can visit to give a written quotation if required.

Customer Care

Whether you contact us via telephone call, telephone message, emails or even a text it is equally as important and we will respond as quickly as possible.


  • We can supply standard removal boxes/cartons direct to you, or you can collect on a free loan basis, a deposit may be required.
  • We can also supply cardboard wardrobes, mattress bags, tapes etc.

Secure Storage in Wirral

Charterhouse offer you safe secure storage in Wirral. Our storage facility is protected by a monitored alarm system. Your goods will be covered while in storage by our full liability insurance.

Cost of Storage - Online Quote

Competitive storage prices for long and short term storage. Costs from £8 per storage container per week. Discounts available.

If you would like an idea of how much storage you require and how much it is going to cost you then try our Online Storage Quote.

If you require long term storage then contact us for a quote as we may be able to offer a discount on the standard rate.

Our prices are lower than most major providers on Wirral.

Offering the cheapest storage rates guaranteed.

Why do you need storage

You may require storage for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are between selling your current house and moving into your new home. Are you having major building or renovation of your home. You can store large items of furniture or small items that you don’t require at present.

What not to put into storage

Photographs, Jewellery, Wedding Dresses and special gifts are best kept out of store since the sentimental value is irreplaceable.

Make a list of all the things you need to keep out of storage and make sure these are kept in a safe area to avoid them being packed by mistake. If something does go into store by mistake, then you may search the containers, although a small cost will be incurred.

Storage Containers

Your effects are stored in standard, 250 cu.ft. strong timber sealed box containers.

When your effects are place in store, extra packaging is used to ensure maximum protection since your belongings will in effect have been moved twice.

Extra care is taken to ensure no pressure marks are left on upholstered furniture.

Removal to Storage

Removal to storage can usually be done on the day prior to completion. This means that there will not be anyone moving in on the same day as you move out, which allows us to do a complete pack and move to store within one day.

This is the most economical way of combining a move to store with a full or partial packing service.

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