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Charterhouse Removals' Packing Services

1. Full Packing Service

With this service (usually provided the day before the move) the house can be left as normal and our fully trained staff will pack all the small effects, linen, foodstuffs, plants etc. Any highly polished furniture, mirrors, pictures etc. will be completely encased in paper blankets, cardboard or a combination of materials to provide maximum protection whilst in transit.

2. Fragile Packing Service

We can pack up to 20 boxes on the day of the move with prior notification. A quote can be given at a cost per box.

3. Self Packing

Obviously the lowest cost option is for you to pack yourselves. In this case we offer free loan of packing cases, paper and tapes. Our boxes are of a very strong, double walled cardboard and are supplied in tea chest and half tea chest sizes (the latter for books, stationery, albums etc). The boxes are delivered flat-packed, so there are no storage problems and we provide sealing tape to assemble them. The boxes will be delivered to you as soon as you wish after your acceptance of our quotation, even if you have, as yet, no firm date for your move. They are on loan to you for up to 5 weeks after the move. After use they can be flat-packed, but you must keep them dry and let us know when they are available and we will collect at your convenience.

NB On every move, whether we pack or not, highly polished woods, mirrors, pictures, etc are packed by us using blankets.

Packing Hints from Charterhouse Removals

Hints and tips to help you pack

  • Leave at least one box to the day of the move for the last minute items such as kettle, mugs, papers, etc. Mark clearly that this is to be left until last.
  • When packing the boxes, please bear in mind the weight. Only half fill the large boxes with books, heavy objects, etc. fill the remaining space with lighter objects.
  • Fragile items – before packing the box use some towels, linen or paper to line the bottom. Each item must be individually wrapped in paper, do not wrap too tightly as the protection lies in the cushioning effect of slightly crumpled paper. In the case of China, wrap each item separately in paper. For Silverware, nestle utensils in groups of three to four, wrap securely and place in box.
  • Non Fragile items – any chest of drawers with non-breakables in them may be left full. Desk drawers can be taken out and packed into boxes as they are. Clothes can be folded and boxed. Anything on coat-hangers will be placed in a cardboard wardrobe by the removal team on the day of the move. Wardrobes must be emptied of everything but items for the cardboard wardrobes. Bedding can be packed into black plastic bags or into empty divan bed drawers.
  • Liquids – place in a box all together if possible and ensure that all the tops are tightly screwed down. If still unsure, place the container in plastic bag or seal with sellotape Fasten a plastic bag around the end of the garden hose.
  • Rugs / small carpets – these should be rolled fairly tightly and taped or tied with string. Larger carpets can be lifted by prior notification.
  • Labeling – our professional boxes have a pre-printed chart to assist you in marking where you want each box to go.
  • Appliances – we will not disconnect any washing machines, tumble dryers, fridge freezers and dishwashers on the day of the move unless by arrangement.

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